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Tidwell Chapel Church of Christ Cemetery

My mom, Ada McCollum Box, standing by my daddy, Reedie Box's, grave in Tidwell Chapel Cemetery
Submitted by Patsy Box Johnson
 Directions to Cemetery: From Jasper, Alabama, travel highway 78 to Eldridge. Turn left onto County Hwy. 13. Travel this road till you get to County Hwy 24 and turn right. Keep on this road till you see Tidwell Chapel Church of Christ on left. Cemetery in front of Church building.
The graves are not in order at this time. Will be adding records as time permits.
Amos H. Roby b: 7 Sept 1883 D: 27 July 1909
Emma "Will" Box Roby b: 31 May 1883 d: 2 March 1969
James Franklin "Frank" Box b: 13 Dec 1872 d: 17 May 1949
Virginia "Jennie" McCollum Box b: 14 Aug 1886 d: 14 May 1963
Reedie F. Box b: 21 Feb 1917 d: 6 Apr 1965
Ada McCollum Box b: 12 Nov 1919 d:(living)
George Washington Box b: 10 Jan 1841 d: 24 Dec 1909
Polly Anne Tidwell Box b: 1836 d: 9 Apr 1934
Thomas Goodwin "Tom" McCollum b: 11 March 1891 d: 4 June 1931
Bessie Lula Box McCollum b: 19 Aug 1898 d: 31 Jan 1931
Clifton Tidwell b: 22 Dec 1918 d: 15 Jul 1991
Sarah Jane Tidwell b: 4 Oct 1912 d:(living)
John "Skinny" Tidwell b: 25 May 1811 d: 1 Nov 1888 (first to be buried in Tidwell Cemetery)
Malinda "Linnie" Tidwell b: Dec 1820 d: Abt 1900
William Henry "Bill" Box b: Apr 1869 d: 1934
Mary Della Fowler Box b: Sept 1878 d: 1925
Adel Hallmark Box b: 1900 d: 1938
Grady Box b: 8 Apr 1920 d: 7 Jul 1921
Sherman Hal Tucker b: 1913 d: 1944
Elizabeth A. Box, dau of GW & Ann Box b: 12 May 1872 d: 12 Jul 1900
Howard Taft Roby b: 1 Dec 1908 d: 6 Nov 1910
Ida Roby b: 11 Feb 1896 d: 5 Mar 1909
L.C. Roby (mother)b: 30 Sept 1876 d: 10, Mar 1934
A.B. Roby b: 29 Mar 1871 d: 25 Dec 1944
Carlous Roby b: 10 May 1921 d: 4 Jul 1921
Gladys Roby b: 26 Aug 1919 d: 22 Nov 1922
Alvis C. Roby b: 23 Sept 1925 d: 12 Feb 1926
Benton(inf of JT & LE Benton)b: 3 Apr 1921 d: 1 May 1921
Benton(inf of JT & LE Benton)b: 13 Feb 1919 d: 14 Feb 1919
Roby(child of JW &__Roby)b: 30 Dec 1905 d: 4 Jan 1906
William J. Tucker(son of HC & Lanie Tucker) b: 14 MAr 1899 d: 18 Nov 1901
Velma White b: 22 Jan 1892 d: 5 Apr 1913
Jane Armstrong Tidwell b: 1856 d: 14 Apr 1934
Andrew Jackson "Buzzhead" Tidwell b: 1857 d: 14 Apr 1934
Lona J. McWhirter b: 6 Jun 1909 d: 12 Dec 1910
Jim Tidwell b: 1884 d: 1928
Herren(inf of EC & SA Herren) b&d: 18 Sept 1893
Herren(inf son of RC & CE Herren)b&d: 26 Aug 1901
Sarah A. Herren b: 6 Sept 1865 d: 19 Oct 1901
R. Filow Herren b: 13 Sept 1886 d: 11 Nov 1901
Albert Herren(son of RC & CE Herren) b: 12 Nov 1902 d: 24 Nov 1902
Aaron McKinley Herren b: 28 Jan 1897 d: 16 Apr 1910
Herren(inf girl of RC & CE Herren) b&d: 17 Dec 1920
Leroy herren b: 12 May 1922 d: 1 Jun 1922
Renea Tidwell b: 4 Apr 1890 d: 16 Apr 1953
Wheeler Tidwell b: 18 Mar 1902 d: 17 Jul 1905
A.J. Tidwell b: 1876 d: 1927
Rosie E. Box Tucker b: 11 Jan 1894 d: 1 May 1916
W.C. Tidwell b: 1880 d: 1942
Felix Tidwell b: 11 Aug 1909 d: 8 Nov 1912
Fowler(inf of C.J.& L. Fowler) b&d: 1908
Ottie Tidwell & baby
Houston Sprinkle b: 15 Dec 1872 d: 7 Sept 1945
Hassie Tidwell Sprinkle b: 8 Mar 1874 d: 23 Jan 1943
Sarry Tidwell b: 1861 d: 27 Mar 1923
Henry Tidwell b: 4 Mar 1848 d: 27 Oct 1916
Henry B. Tidwell b: 27 Jun 1872 d: 18 Apr 1935
Judge Tidwell b: 23 Sept 1928 d: 19 Jun 1938
J.G. Hollingsworth b: 3 Apr 1871 d: 6 Jul 1941
Jessie Markem-Ala. Cpl. US Army Korea- b: 7 Jun 1931 d: 22 Dec 1955
Tom Barnes b: 28, Nov 1887 d: 18 Dec 1952
L. Barnes b: 6 May 1913 d: 22 Sept 1919
Martha Jane McDonald b: 14 Sept 1864 d: 1 Jan 1925
William Samuels b: 3 Sept 1925 d:
Boney Samuels b: 30 Sept 1925; d: 13 Oct 1925
Loney Samuels b: 30 Sept 1925 d: 17 Oct 1925
Ozibell Dozier b: 1882 d: 1943
Jimmie Lou Tidwell b: 15 Sept 1939 d: 30 Oct 1940
Prince Tidwell b: 1934 d:----
Arvie Tidwell b: 1936 d:---
L.E. Tidwell b: 1904 d: 1951
Walter B. Tidwell b: 1913 d: 1942
S.J. Box b: 20 Jul 1877 d: 15 Aug 1878
Inf child of J.W. & Siddie White b: 2 Jul 1885 d:---
Inf Dau of J.W. & Siddie White b & d: 16 Aug 1884
Clarncie Tucker b: 14 Jun 1916 d: 15 Oct 1917
Sim Tucker b: 5 Jul 1873 d: 4 Aug 1938
Ola Zola Tucker b: 28 Nov 1911 d: 3 Aug 1913
Cora C. Tucker dau of J.D. & A.E. Tucker b: 26 Nov 1900 d: 27 Nov 1900
Mary J. Tucker b: 1851 d: 1894
W.M. Tucker b: 29 Mar 1834 d: 6 Apr 1894
Ollie Tucker b: May 1833 d: 22 May 1927
Sarona Tidwell b: 4 Jan 1887 d: 4 Sept 1887
Mary Ruth Box b: 12 May 1934 d: 12 Feb 1943
Dudrop Tucker b: 1932 d: 1934
Inf McCollum of Jim & Velma b & d 1924
Aughty Box dau of J.C. & A.E. Box b: 16 Sept 1894 d: 8 Jan 1896
Mollie A.----- wife of ---
Martha J. Agee wife of John W. Agee b: 28 Nov 1876 d: 27 Jan 1896
Henry C. Wakefield son of G.C. & M.A. b: 16 jan 1894 d: 20 Mar 1896
J.A. Tidwell b: 20 Jun 1859 d: 22 Apr 1918-age 59 yrs. 10 mo. 2 days
W.D. Baccus b: 5 Feb 1884 d: 5 Feb 1942
A. Dell Baccus b: 1 May --d: Jul 1902
J.H. Baccus b: 9 Dec 1901 d:----
Charles Tidwell b: 4 Nov 1929 d: 8 Sep 1939
William R. Keeton b: 1903 d: 20 Oct 1956-52 yrs
Eula Keeton b: 1907 d:---
Arven Dodd b: 1910 d: 1927
Louise Dodd b: 31 Dec 1914 d: 16 Nov 1916
Taft Tucker b: 9 Feb 1920? d: 11 Apr 19-?
,font >Harris McCaleb b: 28 Nov 1917 d: 20 Dec 1917
Clarence Sprinkle b: 7 Nov 1917 d: 4 Dec 1918
Leeler Whitehead b: 10 Feb 1899 d: 3 Nov 1918
Gennie Kelly b: 17 Apr 1873 d: 18 Mar 1958
S.E. Dozier b: 1879 d: 19-?
G.N. Dozier b: 1879 d: 1955
Travis Johnson b: 1918 d: 1926
Lynn Johnson b: 1888 d: 1936
Sallie J. Johnson b: 1871 d: 1941
Press Johnson b: 1868, d: 1951
Lincoln Tidwell b: 1883 d: 1958
Callie Tidwell b: 1889 d: 1958
Spencer "Bill" Tidwell b: Apr 1882 d: 1959
Frances "Mank" Tidwell b: Aug 1870 d: 2 Jan 1961
George Tidwell b: 1874 d: 14 Feb 1962
Nancy "Suge" Parker Tidwell b: 1884 d: 30 Jun 1961
Perry B. Tidwell b: Feb 1878 d: 1939
Malinda "Nan" Tidwell b: Jun 1867 d: 1936
Eden "Pret" Tidwell b: 1846 d: 1933
Lizza Tucker Tidwell b: ---d: 1884
Edward "Ed" Tucker b: 24 Dec 1902 d: 2 Oct 1973
Icy Tidwell Tucker b: 25 Sep 1905 d: 29 Jun 1991
Ethel Tucker Dozier b: 13 Jan 1905 d: 24 Jul 1978
Lolar Tidwell b: 13 Apr 1915 d: 24 Feb 1992
George N. Dozier b: 15 May 1879 d: 1 Apr 1955
Lucendi A. ----Dozier b: 6 Sep 1879 d: 13 Apr 1956
William R. Keeton b: 1903 d: 1956
Eula Mae ---Keeton b: 1907 d:---
Charles R. Keeton b: 1933 d:---
Yvonne---Keeton B; 1937 d:---
Arven Dodd b: 1910 d: 1927
Louise Dodd b: 31 Dec 1914 d: 16 Nov 1916
Frank C. Tidwell b: 13 Aug 1891 d: 25 Sept 1961
Essie Tucker Tidwell b: 1 Mar 1895 d: 23 Apr 1979
Henry "Bird" Tidwell b: 7 Jun 1872 d: 19 Apr 1935
Olga V. Stacks, dau of E.J. & J.T., b: 8 May 1916 d: 11 May 1917
Ida Howell b: 5 Dec 1897 d: 21 Oct 1918
Turner McCarter, son of M&E, b: 28 Jun 1885 d: Aug 1885
Ida McCollum Sparks b: 19 June 1913 d: 29 Jan 2003
Amanda Nicole Box b: 4 Nov 1980 d: 29 Dec 1999

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Church of Christ Preachers from 1890-1930


Fred McCaleb

Church of Christ Preachers in
NE Fayette County Alabama

A.F. Anthony
W.R. Anthony
O.B. Anthony
Bro. Burns
Bro. Calaway
Bro. Burns
Bro. Cannon
Sam Carson
Bro. Chambers
Bro. Charles A. Wheeler
Bro. Corbett
Bro. Bailey
Bro. A.D. Dias
Bro. O.C. Dobbs
Bro. Dobson
Bro. G.A. Dunn
Bro. Chester Estes
Bro. Fowler
Bro. Franklin
Bro. Freeman
Florial Hall
E.C. Herren
Wiley Herren
Raymond Hiten
J.C. Holebrook
Judge Hollingsworth
Bro. Hudson
John E. Kelly
Bro. Loyd
Bro. McCluskey
Bro. Nelson of Tx.
Carey Nichols
Gus Nichols
Bro. Hill of Tn.
W.H. Parker
Bro. Taylor
Virgil Randolph
Jeremiah Randolph
Simeon Randolph
Bro. Russell
Bro. Salter of C.Hill
Bro. ShowalterBro. Tarwater
Bro. Tipton
James M. Wade
Minister Wilcutt
J.S. Wood

Church of Christ Assembling Places at That Time

Clover Hill
Hubbert Chapel
J.B. Anthony's
Whites Chapel
New River

Fred's Collection of Fayette County, AL Church of Christ History

Fred McCaleb

Here is some more of my collection of Ala. history. Fred McCaleb

BANKSTON CHURCH OF CHRIST--The Bankston Church of Christ was built in 1940 on
property adjoining the Bankston Cemetery. G. S. "Ned" Smith and Dr. J.T.
weathers were the elders of this early church. In May 1914 the first series of
meetings was conducted by Bro. C.T. Cannon of Rocky, Okla.
The annual Easter singing had its beginning at that church in 1916. The church
building was destroyed by a storm in the spring of 1932, and the new building
was erected at the present site on the Southern Railroad near the old water
tank. Mrs. Lorenzo Michael selected the first song, "We'll Work Till Jesus
Comes," that was sung after the new building was completed.
Some of the early elders of the church were Doc Hollingsworth, Bus
SHollingsworth, Ed Spiller, R.S. Smith and Dr. J.T. Weathers.
Among the ministers who have served are the following: Wiley Hollingsworth, Bro.
Baker, S.W. Thompson, C.W. Duncan, J.D. Jones, C.T. Cannon, Chester Honeycutt,
Bob Gray, C.W. Lewis, Chaarles Wheeler, Bro. Guance, Bro. Crowder, Bro.
Gossett, Bro. Fite, Bro. McCluskey, Bro. Price, Bro. Freeman, and Bro. Wagner.

BERRY CHURCH OF CHRIST--The Berry Church of Christ started meeting in the store
of Mrs. Oliver C. "Granny" Dobbs in the early 1900s. The Church was officially
organized in 1911, and some of the charter members were Mrs Oliver Dobbs, J.R.
Dobbs, O.C. Dobbs, J.D. Dobbs, Sam Dobbs, Mr. & Mrs. Cap Shepherd, Mrs. C.H.
Pinion, Mr. & Mrs Caager Shepherd, Mrs. Cardle Stewart, Mr.& Mrs. Mose Bailey,
Mr. Lump Smith, Mr & Mrs. Joe B. Johnson and Mr. & Mrs. Fenton Anthony.
A partial list of the preachers gives the following men: Chaarlie Wheeler, Frank
Baker, O.C. Dobbs, G.A. Dunn, J.B. Nelson and Gus Nichols.

FAYETTE CHURCH OF CHRIST--The congregation of the Church of Christ was begun
earlier than the year 1923. By this year there were about 15 members who were
meeting in the Fayette County Court House for worship. John R. Fowler was the
leader of the group.
In the latter part of 1923, C.R. Nichol from Clifton, Texas, conducted a revival
meeting which resulted in two additions. Soon after this meeting a movement was
started to raise funds to erect a suitable building in which to meet to
worship. After many business meetings were held the work was finally started
which resulted in the building on Temple Avenue.
Not long after the completion of the building, W.B. Hardeman of Henderson Tenn.,
was engaged to hold a meeting and this effort resulted in several additions.

Among the preachers who have sercved the Fayette Church of Christ are the
following: C.R. Brewer, G.C. Brewer, Gus Dunn,Jr., Gus Dunn, Sr., John T.
Hinds, Foy Wallace, Jr., Jack Hackworth, LeRoy Brownlow, H.A. Dixon, Willis
Jernigan, G.K. Wallace, Chester Estes, Flavil Nichols, J.G. Pounds, J.D.
Davidson, G.L. Mann, Bobby Cheatom, and Curtis W. Posey.
In the early 1950s the church added an educational building, joining the back of
the main church building and in 1957 they completed a lovely brick pastorium.
Edsel Burleson, Don McWhorter

HOUSH'S CHAPEL CHURCH OF CHRIST--Housh's Chapel Church of Christ was begun in
1945 with the following activce and inacticve members: Mr. & Mrs. John Sims,
Miss Bernice Sims, Mr. & Mrs. Ormand Sims, Mr. & Mrs Whitson, Miss Clara
Whitson, Mr. Cephas Whitson, Mr. Deward Whitson, Mr. Jason Whitson, Miss Ola
Whitson, Mr. & Mrs Dalton Hubbert, and Mrs. Morgan Kirkley.
Mr. Belton Whitson and son Deward were the leaders in the Church's activities,
but in 1946, both were killed in a well cave-in. After this tragedy Mr. Cogar
Hubbert of Hubbertville and Mr. Clarence Ehl and family of New River began
meeting with the church to help with the various activities. The membership was
approximately 40, with only seven of the charter members meeting there; the
average attendance was approximately sixty.
Some of the ministers who have assisted this church follow: Bro. Pervie Nichols,
Bro. Marshall Wyers, Bro. Wiley Hollingsworth, Bro. Wiley Herren, Bro. Aaron
Herren, Bro. Charlie Dunn, Bro. Ray Duncan, Br. Curtis W. Posey, Bro. Dale
Buckley, Bro. Randy Jernigan, Bro. Wayne Jackson, Bro. Charles Brown, and Bro.
Windell Fikes.

HOWARD CHURCH OF CHRIST--In 1929, the Howard Church of Christ was organized and
a building was erected in 1931.
The charter members were as follows: Mr. & Mrs. Austin Sawyers, Mr. & Mrs. P.B.
Hendon, Mr. & Mrs. L.W. Herron, Mr. & Mrs. Hollie Studdard, Mr. & mrs Frank
Herron, Mr. & Mrs. Otto Alexander, Mr. & Mrs. Grady Latham, and Mr. & Mrs. Ulys
The following ministers have served the church: C.A. Wheeler, C.M. Geer, Sam
Gant, Gus Nichols, G.A. Dunn, Chester Estes, J.G. Pounds, W.R. Willcutt, A.M.
Plyler, C.V. Alexander, and Aaron Herron.

PEA RIDGE CHURCH OF CHRIST--The pea Ridge Church of Christ was established in
1911 with the following charter members: Mr. & Mrs. Ben panter, Mr. & Mrs.
Woodard Panter, Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Panter, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Panter, Mr. Doc
Panter, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Key, Miss Roxy Panter, Mr. Ben Panter, Miss Della
Panter, Mr. Ben Panter, and Mr. Jim Madison.
Some who served the church as preachers are as follows: O.C.Dobbs, Gus Nichols,
Charlie Nichols, Sid Cannon, R.L. Willcutt, Carey Nichols, Bobby Gray, Avery
Fike, John McCluskey, Edsel Burleson, Carlos Killingsworth, and Bryce Ellis.
The Elders of the Church were Mr. Richard Panter and Mr. Tom Key, who had served
continuously from 1918 to 1959.

HUBBERTVILLE CHURCH OF CHRIST--This church was first organized in 1926 with the
following as chaarter members: John A. Hubbert, Wiley Perry, John A.
Hollingsworth, Curvey Anderson, Fenton Anthony, Tom McArthur, S.N. Lawrence,
A.J. Hubbert, Henry McDonald, and W.H. Aldridge.
Those that served as Elders were Wiley Perry, John M. Hubbert, and Curvey
A new building was erected in 1952, and the charter members for this
reorganization were as follows: W.H. Aldridge, Thomas McArthur, G. E. Hubbert,
Verdo Johnson, W. Orville McCaleb, Clyde Hubbert, Monroe Stough, Cleburn
Hubbert, E.L. Hubbert, Floyd Tucker and Vester Anderson.
The preachers from 1926 to 1959 were the following: Bro. C.F. Cannon, Bro. Gus
Nichols, Bro. Charlie Nichols, Bro. C.C. Nichols, Bro. G.A. Dunn, Bro. Jack
Hackworth, Bro. Houston Haney, Bro. John Kelly, Bro. Charlie Wheeler, Bro. Jim
Wade, Bro. Chester Estes, Bro. W.A. Black, Bro. J.D. Jones, Bro. L.A. Fowler,
Bro. Winfred Clark, Bro. C.W. Posey, Bro. Vancerbilt, Bro. Plato Black, Bro.
E.L. Hubbert, Bro. Johnnie Payne, Bro. Garland Cross, Bro. G.L. Mann, Bro.
Carlos Killingsworth, Bro. Oneal Smelser, Bro. Wiley Herren, Bro. Bryce Ellis,
Bro Bobby Cheatem, Bro. Jimmie Tolle, Bro. Windell Fikes, Bro. Frank Farriss,
Bro Wiley Hollingsworth, Bro. Hal P. McDonald, Bro Marshall Wyers, and Bro.
Edward Craddock.

NEW RIVER CHURCH OF CHRIST--The New River Church of Christ was organized in
1886. Some of the charter members were as follows: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Randolph,
Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Randolph, Mr. & Mrs. John Tyler McCaleb, Mr. & Mrs. Joe
Holbrooks, Mr. & Mrs. John Hollingsworth, and Mr. & Mrs. Jim Wade.
The church was built by Mr. John Tyler McCaleb except for $18.00 that was given
by Mr. Jim Wade.
The following ministers served at the church up to 1959: Jeremiah Randolph,
Virgil Randolph, Green Haley, Joe Holbrooks, C.A. wheeler, W.A. Tipton, Sammie
Carson, Howell Taylor, Willie Loyd, Gus Nichols, Cephas Cannon, O.C. Dobbs,
Houston Haney, Willett Black, Vanderbilt Black, Wiley Hollingsworth, Edsel
Burleson, Marshall Wyers, and Paul D. Murphy.
Mr. John Tyler McCaleb was an elder of the church as long as he lived, from 1886
to 1918. John Hubbert was an elder from 1918 to 1929.

Notes from the Christian Advocate 10 Oct 1867

CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE OCT. 10, 1867 P.816-817

Submitted by

Fred McCaleb

Report from Ala.

Millport, Jones County, Ala.

Elder J. Fanning. On last evening, I reached here from attending a meeting at
Berea, some 35 miles east of this point in Fayette County. The meeting begin on
Friday night and continued until Thursday night, the result of which was 46
accessions; 36 by confession and baptism, 10 otherwise. It was indeed a triumph
of Truth over ignorance and sectarianism. Bro. J. Randolph came to our aid and
was the chief speaker. To the Lord be the praise for ever and ever and ever.
Amen. There are 2 congregations of the brethren in the vicinity numbering some
50 members each, known as the Luxapallilia and Antioch Churches. To these
churches there were some 15 accessions last year by my humble labor. Here is a
large field for Gospel laborers. I have calls continually so destitute to
preach, but owing to my extreme poverty, I am compelled to work on the farm. An
incalculable amount of good could be done in this country had we time to devote
to preaching. I am the only public man (that is preaching) laboring for the
Bible in 35 miles of this point. May the great Head of the Body bless you dear
brothers in every good and wise work. Yours in the hope of bliss eternally.
Lorenzo Dow Randolph.

Dublin, Fayette Co. Ala. Sept. 1867

Bro. Fanning: I have not seen your face and heard you sing "Jesus my all to
heaven has gone" with the chorus, "Die in the Field of Battle," since about the
year 1834 or 35, I think in Blount County, Ala. What a change and what a growth
in Christ we do see in this great reformation. In the last 30 years in getting
back to an apostolic backing. If the change and progress has been so
significantly triumphant over Roman Catholicism and Sectarianism in 30 years,
what triumphs may we expect to see in the apostolic teaching in the next 30
My father, Elisha Randolph, organized many little congregations in North
Alabama, but for the want of ministerial labor (a thing which we have ever been
so destitute in this part of Ala.) some lingered, but there has ever stood a few
firm and "established" brethren with but little apostasy. I have ever lived in
Alabama, and have not seen a more flattering prospect. Though the present is
doing much good here, had we the necessary labor.
If there is a devoted brother in Tenn. seeking a field for ministerial labor, he
can find it here. Should there be a preaching brother traveling the Byler Road,
they will respectfully be received at the church, Berea, five miles off the
road west. The Brethren have well nigh completed a comfortable house for
worship, at the place, framed 30 by forty feet.

Brothers Jeremiah and Lorenzo D. Randolph commenced a meeting at this place on
Friday night before the first Lord's Day, inst., which lasted 7 successive days
and nights. The results of their labor was 42 immersions and 6 reclaimed,
making 48 in all. To the good Lord and his unerring truth be all the praise.
The brethren at this place meet regularly for worship, Bible classes and vocal
music. Worshipers now 110. By exchange I read the Gospel Advocate. I am always
lit up with the spirit.

Sincerely and devotedly,
Simeon Randolph

Gospel Advocate Jan. 1868 page 5

Minutes of the Ala. and Miss. Co-operation meeting Columbus, Miss. March 9

A committee was appointed to prepare a plan of operation and co-operation. The
committee composed of J.M. Pickens, Alex Elliott, Jeremiah Randolph, O.C.
Bumpass, and S.N.D. Hill.

Gospel Advocate no 12 1868 p 1092

Providence, Ala. Oct 28, 1868

Bro. L.D. Randolph was called and employed to preach and speak by the brethren
at Antioch, Luxapalila, Berea, and George Creek churches within their bounds
beginning the 2nd Lord's Day, inst. The immediate result of his labors is 82
accessions. So the army of the faithful, some 40 by confession and baptism and
42 from the sectarian churches, among who was some of the 1st class minds of
our country. This is, indeed, a great achievement for the good cause, in our
down trodden, sectarian zed land where ignorance, error, detraction, and
misrepresentation of the grossest type, have been to contend with. But truth is
mighty and will prevail.
The brethren of the above churches met in co-operation at Berea Church on Friday
evening before the 2nd Lord's day,inst. The meeting continued until the Tuesday
night following. The immediate result was 12 additions to the congregation.
The preaching and brethren present were Elders J. Randolph, J. Taylor, E.C.
Barnes?, L.D. Randolph, with the elders of the church, John Tyler McCaleb &
L.D. Randolph.
The report of said committee was, that the sum of $300 was subscribed in good
faith and that Bro. L.D. Randolph was called and kindly requested to dedicate
so much of his time- say from the first of June to the close of the year for
said amount, which he agreed to do. J.F.M. Kizer

Oct. 29, 1891 P. 681

New River Oct, 1891
We have just held a big meeting which resulted in 26 additions. Bro. Jerry
Randolph did the preaching.
White McCaleb

March 13, 1889 p.174

Sister Minerva Randolph was born Dec. 26, 1828, obeyed the gospel under the
labors of Bro Jesse Sewell in White County, Tn. during the year 1845, departed
this life 26 dec. 1859.

Mount Olive Church of Christ


Fred McCaleb

Mt. Olive is located in the western part of Fayette County, Al. on highway 107
about 10 northwest of Fayette, Al. It was begun before 1900 by Bert Barnes who
invited preachers to preach to his neighbors in the yard of his home. Later
they held meetings in "brush arbors." The first old Mt. Olive church building
was a wood framed building with home made wooden benches. It was built about
1900, and the first elders of the church were Bert Barnes and Taylor Fowler.
The charter members were as follows: Mr. & Mrs. Bert Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Jim
Mobley, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Collins, Mr. and Mrs.Doc Hyder, Mr. and Mrs. Hardy
Housh, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Fowler, a Harper family, a Dobbs family and Mr. and
Mrs. Murry V. Stewart. Some of the older preachers of this church were Jeremiah
Randolph, Joe Holbrooks, R.L. Taylor, Jimmie Woods, preacher Stansberry and
The present building is a brick building located on highway 107. It is about a
mile from the old wooden Mt. Olive church building which was located on a
gravel road that ran from where the present building is on east by Shady Grove
Church and to present county road 51 on the east end. The present (1995) brick
building is the second building built on the new site. The first meeting held
in the building at the new site began July 4, 1947. The elders in 1959 were
Carey C. Nichols, who also preached, and Lou Allen Fowler, a preacher, who was
a son on one of the first elders, Taylor Fowler.

My dad (H MCCaleb) and I attended Mt. Olive in the 1930s. My dad was a long time
member there, attending from 1931 until his death in 1958. We walked to church
on Sundays over the gravel road. Bert Barns was an outstanding member. He was
old and walked with the help of a walking cane. He would point the cane at one
as he explained the scriptures and argued the Bible. My best summer wearing
apparel was a white pair of pants and white shirt. Vistus Fowler, the oldest
daughter of L.A. Fowler, taught a Sunday School class under an oak tree. She
was also a Fayette County school teacher. During my attendance at Mt. Olive,
the two main preachers were Lou Allen Fowler and Carey Nichols. One would
preach one Sunday and the other the next. These preachers continued to do this
all their lives until they died in the 1970s. I don't know if the church ever
paid them anything very much. Lou Allen had a large family, mostly girls. Both
Lou Allen and Carey worked hard in the fields and at odd jobs they could pick
up to help support their families. Sometimes they got to run a "big meeting" at
one of the other churches in Fayette or surrounding counties and earned maybe
five or ten dollars for the service. They loved to preach and try to explain
the gospel. Sometimes another neighboring preacher of Fayette County, or some
other place, would come in to run a big "summer meeting" in August when the
crops were laid by. The house was lit by kerosene burning lamps for the night
services. The lamps were suspended from the overhead ceiling, and they were of
a little fancier brand and had bigger globes than the simple ones used in the
simple home of the time. Electricity had come to Fayette County by the time the
church was moved to highway 107. Bert Barnes generally kept the preachers that
ran the "big meetings." He lived across the road and down the hill from the
church. He and the preachers liked to talk religion. At that time families
would invite you to go home with them, eat dinner, and talk.
I, Fred McCaleb, became a member of the church at Mt. Olive about 1934 during
one of the summer "big meetings." I have forgotten who was running the meeting,
but I think it was Lou Allen Fowler. I was baptised at the Dubose pond. The
country churches had no indoor baptismal's at that time. Baptism's were mostly in
a nearby river.
Fred McCaleb revised edition

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gus Nichols


W.A. Black

Gus Nichols was born in Walker County, Alabama, January 12, 1892. He was the oldest of ten children, and did not have the opportunity to obtain much formal schooling (yet he is a well-educated man). In 1913 he married Matilda Frances Brown, whom he says is the "power behind the throne" in his work. With her assistance he entered Alabama Christian College at Berry in 1919; but most of his education has been achieved through private study.

He began preaching in June 1917, and has baptized approximately 5,000 people. He has preached in 17 states, holding meetings for some of the largest churches of Christ in the nation. His busy schedule includes holding eight or ten meetings out of about three hundred calls per year. He averages fifteen to eighteen sermons and classes each week, including a daily thirty-minute radio program. He is the author of five previous books.

The high esteem in which he is held where he lives at Jasper, Alabama, may be judged by a brief editorial in that city's newspaper (''The Mountain Eagle'') on March 5, 1953, as follows:

"Twenty years ago . . . Gus Nichols accepted a call to the Fifth Avenue Church of Christ in Jasper. That was in January, 1933. For twenty years Gus Nichols has given practically his entire time to preaching the gospel to the people of Jasper and Walker County. During that score of years he has comforted the bereaved, and has rejoiced with those who have recovered from serious illness or met with good fortune.

"In his bigness of spirit, unhurried way, and love for his fellow men and women, this man represents much that is finest in Jasper.

Of the nearly one hundred debates which he has conducted, the Nichols-Weaver is also in print. He has helped many other preachers prepare for debates, and believes that honorable controversy is an effective means of presenting the truth. I have often heard him say, " Truth is like gold: the more you rub it, the brighter it will shine."

Saturday, November 3, 2007

History of the Church of Christ in North Alabama

Compiled by Leo Creel and Quinton Nigg

Typed and posted by Patsy Box Johnson member of Northside Church of Christ 

The Church of Christ has no creed but the Bible and has no organization larger than the local congregation. Its officers are the Elders and Deacons. The first church in the Jackson County, Alabama area was organized in Antioch, near Bridgeport in 1815. James ANDERSON was one of the first ministers of this church. He began to preach in 1827. The Elders were Elisha M. PRICE, William KING, Andrew RUSSELL. It is said the Antioch Church was started through the preaching of Barton W. STONE, E. D. MOORE, and their associates. This no doubt is the first Church of Christ established in Alabama.
In 1846, the Antioch Church moved to Rocky Spring, the first building was of hewn logs, 20x30 feet, and had a stone chimney. It was destroyed by Northern soldiers during the Civil war. The following ministers preached in this house: Reese JONES, Tolbert FANNING, James and Andrew BILINGSLEY, Madison LOVE, and SIKES all from Tennessee, and Dr. HOOKER of Georgia. George Washington CONE and Washington BACON preached here before the Civil War.
In the early part of the 19th Century, about the time Alabama became a territory in 1817 and was admitted to the union, 14 Dec 1819, the families of James Allen WILLIAMS, the SELF, RANDOLPH, SANDLIN and others migrated from Virginia. They came by way of the Cumberland Gap, through Huntsville, crossed the Tennessee River at Guntersville, and settled in the area later known as Hanceville, Alabama.
In 1817 Blountsville area Alexander WILLIAMS and Thomas BILLINGSLEY were in Hanceville.
In 1819 the Indian Territory of Mississippi which was removed by the U.S. Army to North East Blount County. Before then you had to have a permit to even cross Indian Territory.
Prior to 1820 there were members of the Church of Christ meeting in areas around Hanceville and the surrounding towns in Cullman County, Alabama.
In 1825 James Allen WILLIAMS married Jemina BILLINGSLEY. They went to Jones Valley Courthouse in Birmingham to be married. He was the first preacher in the area to be given a licence to marry people around 1846.
Soon after the arrival of the Allen WILLIAMS family from Virginia in 1838 to what is now know as Hanceville, a log church building was erected a mile north of Hanceville. Allen WILLIAMS and Brother GIBSON were the first ministers.
In 1897 a frame building was erected one half mile east of the old railroad.
In 1839 there was a Log Cabin built and used for the church services and records show there were spelling bee’s held. It was referred to in records as the Christian Church.
In 1840 Hopewell Baptist Church was organized and met in the Christian Church building. It was called Baptist Church of Christ.
In 1859 a deed to some property and a building was erected for a Christian Church. Churches of Christ continued to worship until 1880.
In 1880 there was a wood frame building erected at the corner of Blountsville Road and Edmonds Road. Preachers from this time were, J.H. HORTON, R.E. CREEL, Pryde HINTON, Howard HORTON, Wayne CHAPPELL, and Dewy SIMS.
Sulphur Springs Church was built in 1894-1895 at corner of Blountsville and Edmonds Street. The log cabin was sold at this time for $50.
In 1949 the congregation moved into the new brick building located in Hanceville. There were 76 members with an average attendance of 95. Their preacher then was Leo PLYLER. The following preachers have been gone out from this congregation to preach the gospel: Henry HORTON (deceased), M.A. CREEL (deceased), Pryde E. HINTON, A.C. KNIGHT, R.E. CREEL, Floyd HORTON (deceased), Howard HORTON, and Dewey SIMS.
Preachers from this time were, J.H. Horton, M. A. CREEL, R.E. Creel, Pryde HINTON, Floyd HORTON, Howard HORTON Wayne CHAPPELL, and Dewy SIMS.Many members of these families and the BILLINGSLEYS and WILLIAMS migrated west to Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas establishing Churches of Christ where ever they settled.
Mime WILLIAMS a descendant of the BILLINGSLEY and WILLIAMS families passed away
in 1992. She was in her 90’s and was an English Professor at Abileen Christian College.
The Northside Church of Christ in Hanceville, Alabama had its beginning August 21, 1970, with eight families meeting in the home of James and Laura HARRIS in Hanceville, Alabama. Jerry THOMPSON was the treasure, G.W. SELVAGE was the song leader, Jack MITCHELL and James HARRIS were teachers and U.L. Allen was the preacher at the time. At the time there were about 25-30 present at the first service. Brother U.L. ALLEN started preaching for Northside September 6, 1970. Thanks to the faith, encouragement and foresight of Brother ALLEN who sold his bonds to later build the building.

In 1971 U.L. ALLEN loaned money to buy the property for the church building and he was the one who named Northside Church of Christ. Five months and eight days later in February 1971, they moved into the new building. U.L. ALLEN did the preaching for eighteen mounts with no pay.
Open house was held February 14, 1971. Brother Allen continued with us until September 20, 1971, when Brother Dewey Sims began preaching for Northside.
Brothers R.E. CREEL, G.W. SELVAGE and Dewey SIMS served as Elders of the North Side congregation. Brother SIMS continued preaching until June 14, 1978.
Brother Randy LYONS worked with us from July 12, 1976 through November 11, 1979. Brother Roger LATHAM filled in from November 18, 1979 until January 13, 1980. Brother Tommy VERNON, who is presently working with us, began work on January 27, 1980.
Preachers and wives at Northside were, U.L. and Dorothy ALLEN, Dewey and Myrle SIMS, Randy and Annette LYON, Tommy and Frankie VERNON, Mike and Donna RAINS, Guy and Shirley HESTER, Lawrence and Patsy WILSON, Tom and Darlene HORTON, Larry and Brenda PRUITT, Chris BARNETT, Eddie and Dean DICKEY, Joe and Karen MITCHELL, Jon and Kim CREEL and Larry and Brenda PRUITT is again preaching his second term.
At the present time, 2007, Northside’s minister is Larry PRUITT. The Elders are, Robert CREEL, Durwood DEAN, Allen GAMBLE, Bill PATE and Larry PRUITT. The deacons are, Don CREEL, Joe MITCHELL, Ed ROBERSON and Peanut SMITH.
Update 1 July 2013:
Larry Pruitt resigned around the first of 2013 and the Northside COC Elders hired Ken Forrest. So he and his wife, Anita and their family moved into the preacher home. On 2 November 2014 Ken Forrest moved to Foley, AL and began preaching for Summerdale COC. At this time Northside is without a full time preacher.