Saturday, October 13, 2007

Piney Grove Christian Church

Piney Grove Christian Church is located southeast of Falkville on Piney Grove Road. According to Watson’s History and The History of the Christian Churches in the Alabama Area by Mrs. Ethel Patillo, the church was orgainized in 1839. It is accepted to be one of the oldest Christian Churches in the state. Among its first leaders were Peter Couch, Randolph Couch, John S. Edwards, Hiram Smith, and Miles Hay. The first preacher at this church was probably done by B.F. Hall, Tolbert Fanning, David Speigel, or William Stringer.

Land for the first church was donated by the Hiram Smith’s. Watson says, “The Harts and Spiegels were members of old Hickory Log Church at Lacon…before joining the brethren at Piney Grove, or New Hope Campground, as it was at that time. Miss Annie King, a granddaughter of both families, relates that they were of Disciple origin, through records do no exist of a church at Lacon.

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Lori Thornton said...

My brother preached at this church in the 1970s after it was in a new building.